Insight Business Management Software

Insight - Business Management Software

Customer and Contact Management

Insight - Customer and Contact Management

Insight helps you maintain and grow your customer database. Have all your customer transactions and related information at your fingertips. Create custom databases to profile your clients. Attach documents to your clients and customer transactions.

Highlighted Features

  • Infinite Customer and Contact Accounts
  • Running Notes and History
  • Manage Credit Limits
  • All Customer Transactions are Linked
  • Multiple Historic and Analysis Views
  • Automatic Communication
  • Document Repository to Link all Documents

Insight provides all the tools needed to maximize your customer relationships and maintain a healthy and accurate customer database.

Sales Leads & Quotations

Insight is the perfect tool to maximise your new leads and existing customer sales. Profiling of your clients and having the right information available to you in real time gives you the edge over your competitors.

Highlighted Features

  • New Lead and Inquiry Management
  • Manage On Selling to Existing Customers
  • Rapid Quotation Generation and Order Processing
  • Status Tracking of The Lead Pipeline
  • Sales Projections
  • Sales Performance and Statistics Reports
  • Potential Customer Profiling
  • Sales Commission and Target Management
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Sell and Buy in Multiple Currencies

Insight puts your business into control. Manage your sales pro-actively with the right information available to make informed and fast decisions.

Scheduling and Calendars

Scheduling and Calendars

Insight is a powerful scheduling system. All your company activities including all job information, staff leave, staff activities are available in various calendar and schedule views

Highlighted Features

  • Company Calendars – grouped by process
  • Individual Calendars
  • Task Calendar – automatically populated by tasks
  • Engineer/Employee schedule for job co-ordination
  • Staff Leave and Public Holidays
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Accessible on mobile devices

Centralising your calendars keeps your team in sync and keeps everyone aware of your business schedules.

Job and Task Management

Insight Business Management Software is built around task management. Capture all your business transactions into tasks and everyone knows exactly what is expected at all times. Use statuses and task assignments to control delegation.

Highlighted Features

  • Task Lists and Delegation
  • Status Tracking and Escalations
  • Running Reports
  • Job Cards on Display or PDF
  • Full Task Activity History
  • Due Dates and Time Stamping
  • Manage Subcontractors and Their Assigned Jobs
  • Automatic tracking of time and billing

Having all your business activity logged in tasks allows for effective management and reporting of your business activities.

Order Processing and Fulfilment

With Insight managing your order processing, you improve the efficiency of your order fulfilment by not re-capturing data, minimising human error and keeping on top of purchases and outstanding orders.

Highlighted Features

  • Stock System Fully Integrated
  • Automatic Transfer of Information Between Order Stages
  • Orders Due Reports
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Order Status and Tracking
  • Linked to Sales Transaction
  • Linked to Supplier Purchases
  • Part Dispatch
  • Content and Packing Slips
  • Automatically Import Quotations and Previous Orders

Tie the Insight order management directly into your business work flows. By integrating order processing into your sales cycle process you ensure that maximum efficiency is reached.

Stock and Inventory

Stock and Inventory

Insight gives you total management of your stock and inventory. Know your inventory position at all times and accurately report on your stock requirements and stock.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Comprehensive Stock History
  • Stock Transfers
  • Minimum Stock Levels
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Stock Take Management
  • Stock Valuation Reports
  • Back Order Purchases
  • Stock List Imports from CSV
  • Dynamically Generated Stock Lists
  • Direct API Integration into Your Suppliers
  • Multiply Supplier Buy Price Profiling

We take pride in our stock management capabilities. Our many years of experience has helped us refine our stock management features.

Finance Management

Insight’s powerful invoicing system keeps things simple. You have the flexibility to create invoices quickly whilst maintaining total control and a full audit trail.

Highlighted Features

Insight’s powerful invoicing system keeps things simple. You have the flexibility to create invoices quickly whilst maintaining total control and a full audit trail.

Invoice Management Features
  • Rapidly Generate Invoices
  • Import Directly from Sales Orders or Quotations
  • Automatic Repeat Invoicing for Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Billing
  • Linked to Sales and Customer Profiles for Historical Analysis
  • Multi Currency Invoicing
  • Exportable to Excel
  • Comprehensive set of Invoicing Reports

Insight’s powerful invoicing features will ensure that billing is a seamless part of your business operation. Focus your energies on your core business and leave Insight to deal with your billing.

Payments and Credits

Payment and Credit management is a critical part of your business administration system. With Insight you have total control of your payment processing, outstanding payments, outstanding receipts and credit processing.

Payment and Credit Features

  • Payments and Receipt Processing
  • Part Payment, Receipts and Deposits
  • Direct Debits
  • Paypal and Credit Card Merchant Integration
  • Age Analysis Reports
  • Credit Limits and Account Suspensions
  • Pending Accounts for Sales Processing
  • Comprehensive Statements

Maintain a full audit trail of all your payments and credits with Insight. Real time statements ensure you always have total clarity of your cash flow position.

Document Management

Document Management

Effective document management is vital to managing any business. Having information at your fingertips ensures you stay ahead of your competition. Insight document management links documents directly to your customers, suppliers and transactions.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful Searching
  • Centralised Storage
  • Link Files to Financial Transactions
  • Link Files to Tasks
  • Link Files to Profiles
  • User Level Access Rights
  • Backed Up and Protected
  • Files at Your Fingertips

Centralising your documents and files on an Insight system ensures that you secure your intellectual property and have it available when needed.

Mobile and Remote Access

Mobile and Remote Access

Insight Business Management System easily adapts to everyday situations, meaning you don’t have to be in front of your computer to get all the information you need. The Insight mobile client comes with every installation allowing you access to your information when you’re out and about.

Highlighted Features

  • Task Lists and Job Management
  • Customer and Supplier Information
  • Electronic Documents, Certificates and Job Cards
  • Scheduling and Planning of Tasks
  • Purchase Orders, Billing and Payments
  • Real-time access to Business Information
  • Subcontractor Access Levels

With the Insight mobile client you are not tied down to a specific platform.  The Insight mobile client is a user friendly and highly efficient way to have your field engineers and remote staff gain real-time access to your system.

Executive Summary

Complete Solution
Insight Business Management Software is an all in one, multi-user business software system that will manage all administrative aspects of your organization. With Insight business software controlling your administrative processes you will be free to focus your energy on your core business and revenue generating activities.

Fully Customisable
The biggest advantage Insight Business Management Software has over other products is that you can fully customise the Insight system around your business. Build all your business processes, design all the fields, statuses and just about entire system. We have successfully deployed very granular systems to multiple industries and business verticals.

Work Flow
Insight business software is extremely flexible and can be configured to manage any type of business process or functional work-flow. Task and job management is at the core of the system.

Your Business
Insight has been specifically designed to allow entrepreneurial talent to thrive. Insight Business Management Software eliminates the need to focus energy on labour intensive, non-revenue producing functions such as managing spreadsheets and package application, capturing data, manually moving data between departments and manually managing operational processes. If you feel constricted and overrun by such operational tasks, Insight is perfect for you.

Bespoke Development
One of Binary Technologies core values is to be “focused on flexibility”. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a range of bespoke options, to give you access to Insight. We have a highly experienced and motivated development team, ready to assist you in tailoring the perfect system for you using the Insight Framework. Contact us to discuss you requirements and we will gladly discuss this with you and explain the options available to you.

Insight Reach
Insight Reach is our team that focuses on the development of online business applications, mobile applications, social media campaigns and applications, website to back office software integration and website intelligence solutions. If you can dream it, our reach team can deliver it!

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